ERS CESIL™ for Meaningful Use of EHR data

Hospital and regional health information systems must provide first of all the basic facilities for documentation of the provision of healthcare.

In addition this documented information can (and must) be re-used for clinical research, key performance indicators, obligatory reporting to disease registries but foremost to the support of collaborating healthcare providers.

The data and information stored in the context of the care process is re-used in these other contexts. Patients, healthcare providers and their organisations will reap benefits beyond financial incentives–such as reduction in errors, availability of records and data, reminders and alerts, clinical decision support, monitoring on the safety of drugs and e-prescribing/refill automation.

Meaningful use for EHR data is the term coined in the USA for all these expected and wished features of future e-Health systems. ERS CESIL™ technology connects proprietary e-Health systems fast, flexibly and cost efficient.